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Teeth process is not a new trend; products in order to whiten your teeth have been on the market for a long period. Recently though it has regained reputation and there is a lot of advertising regarding teeth whitening products. You are usually seeing more and more people with blindingly vivid smiles.

Most of teeth brightening products you can find over the counter are toothpaste, gels and strips. It is advisable to use whitening products if you have yellowish tones to your teeth and you have simply no restorations or fillings and very healthful gums.

It is not recommend for individuals under the age of 16 because it might lead to tooth sensitivity and it is not recommended regarding pregnant or lactating women. If you have sensitive teeth and gums you should talk to your dentist before making use of any product, also if you have a good allergy to peroxide then you ought not to use any bleaching agent. You should not attempt to whiten your teeth in case you have gum disease, worn enamel, cavities and exposed roots. This may increase tooth sensitivity and even trigger some pain.

People who have tooth-colored fillings should know that they do not lighten. If you use a bleaching broker on these it may result in bumpy color. If you really want to lighten up your teeth then you need to talk to your dental practitioner and see what their recommendations are usually.

Try not to have unrealistic anticipations. Not everyone will have a nice whitened smile. People who have yellow tomes to their teeth will have the best outcomes. Keep in mind that if you smoke cigarettes the results may take longer and then might not last as long unless you refrain from smoking cigarettes. Also keep in mind that the natural whiteness of person’s teeth is about just like the whiteness of their eyes. People who have blue gray staining of the teeth should know it will take longer in order to whiten, maybe up to six months associated with home treatment and visits to the dental practitioner. People with dark stains might have better luck with veneers, binding or crowns.

There are some part affect in teeth whitening. One of them is temporary tooth awareness and some irritation of the gum or even soft tissue in the mouth. The sensitivity usually happens in the initial few days of the bleaching process. The irritation of the tissue and gums could be from an ill installing mouth piece. However the problems usually disappear after a few days.

There are some things to consider when choosing an over-the-counter whitening kit. You should try to choose a kit that will allow you to personalize the mouth piece to avoid chewing gum irritation. Talk to other people and find out if they have tried the product that you are thinking of and see if it worked well. If you experience a prolonged change in the colour of your gums or you experience a rise of tooth sensitivity to warm and cold foods, you should instantly stop using the mouthpiece and see the particular dentist as soon as you can.

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