Billerica Dentist Repairs Damaged Teeth In One Easy Visit

Crown (dentistry) - WikipediaBILLERICA, MA – Patients who have broken teeth can now rest easy along with advancements in dentistry. Dr. Barry Danzig, Billerica dentist, takes advantage of these types of recent dental advancements by providing CEREC technology for same day time crowns in Billerica.

Technology is continually changing. With new innovations within dentistry, many procedures are needing less time in the dental chair, leading to less discomfort and creating gratifying results for patients and dental surgeons. One breakthrough in dentistry will be CEREC, which is an instrument that allows dental surgeons to quickly restore damaged tooth with natural-colored ceramic fillings, preserving patients time and inconvenience.

“No one wants wait weeks between their visits to receive the treatment they need to restore their teeth. With CEREC I can offer my patients same day crowns. If a patient has a damaged tooth, we can now easily repair their tooth in one easy visit,” said Dr. Barry Danzig, dental professional in Billerica.

CEREC, Billerica exact same day crowns, has two decades associated with clinical research and practical experience to back up its success and more than eight mil restorations performed worldwide.
Standing with regard to Ceramic Reconstruction, CEREC is a latest innovation that many cosmetic dentists are utilizing to provide natural looking crowns quicker than traditional procedures.

This is really a computer-aided design and computer-aided production, or CAD-CAM, for the creation of the patient’s crown, which is created to suit a patient’s tooth perfectly. The computer-aided technology eliminates the lab step in manufacturing, which allows Dr. Danzig to provide same day crowns within Billerica.

With the CEREC program, this cosmetic dentist in Billerica can create beautiful life-like porcelain corrections for a patient’s teeth. An infrared camera takes images of the teeth after shaping and a CAD CAMERA computer program immediately downloads the particular images of the teeth to create a three-dimensional virtual model that can be viewed plus manipulated on the computer monitor.

No much longer do patients have to worry about settling with regard to damaged teeth. With CEREC, Dr. Barry Danzig and his dental group at Danzig Dental can now provide the treatment of a patient’s damaged teeth in one easy visit, eliminating the particular wait time typically experienced with conventional crown procedures.

About Danzig Dental: Danzig Dental is owned plus operated by Dr. Barry Danzig since 1975. Raised in New York City, he received their bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and his D. D. S. diploma from New York University. Working alongside Dr. Barry Danzig will be his son, Dr. Adam Danzig, and Dr. Lili Tayari. Dr. Adam Danzig received his M. D. S. degree from NYU and is trained in the latest technology dental care has to offer including CEREC/CAD-CAM, single day overhead placement, and Invisalign orthodontics. Dr. Lili Tayari has been practicing dental care since 2005, graduating from the University of Florida and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Together, they bring quality dental health treatment to patients of all ages at Danzig Dental.

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