Bleeding Gums (Gingivitis): Treatments & Home Remedies

Bleeding gums is really a condition where the inadequate removal of back plate causes germs to build up and strike the gums. This results in swollen and irritated gums, which hemorrhage while brushing or flossing. It is also known as gingivitis and is the very first stage of gum disease. Gingivitis is generally painless with bleeding gums being the only symptom.

This problem can be prevented with simple natural home remedies that are easy to follow and can lead to an improved dental condition within an issue of weeks. Although, if natural home remedies don’t seem to work, then you may need to see a doctor.

Medical Treatments with regard to Bleeding Gums

If you’re taking regular precautions of brushing correctly, flossing, getting your dentures aligned (if you’re wearing them) and maintaining a good hygiene about it and still have got bleeding gums, then here are some remedies that you may require:

Remove plaque: Go to the dentist to get rid of all the back plate that has accumulated on your teeth. This is the most basic treatment. As back plate grows into tartar, which is a really sticky and hard substance that will gets attached to your teeth, and becomes an infection, it needs to be removed.
Scaling: This will help in slowing down the any gum disease.
Periodontal treatment: If you are suffering from severe kind of periodontal disease, you will have to undergo the periodontal therapy.
Dental surgery: Depending on the severity, you might also need a dental surgery to stop the particular bleeding.
Vitamin supplements: Take nutritional vitamin supplements, as prescribed by the doctor.

Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

There are several home remedies that can be practiced frequently to prevent or treat gum hemorrhaging. They include the following:

Citrus Fruits

One of the major reasons for hemorrhaging gums is a deficiency of vitamin Chemical. Citrus fruits like oranges plus lemons, as well as vegetables, especially brokkoli and cabbage, can prevent you from hemorrhaging gums by providing adequate amounts of supplement C.


Milk is also the rich source of calcium, which continuously needs to be replenished to strengthen your own gums. Therefore, milk should be consumed on a regular basis for preventing bleeding gums.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking makes the mouth area conditions anaerobic, which favor the particular growth of certain bacteria. Therefore, you should avoid smoking in order to keep the mouth area free of bacteria.

Raw Vegetables

Chewing raw vegetables cleans the teeth plus induces blood circulation in gums. Therefore, you should add some raw vegetables for your diet every day.

Cranberry & Wheatgrass Juice

Cranberry juice or wheatgrass juice can give relief to those that have bleeding gums. Cranberry juice can perform the same by exerting its antiseptic properties to clean the gums associated with excess bacteria.

Baking soda eliminates bacteria by making the microenvironment from the mouth acidic and can be applied towards the gums with your fingers.


Cloves can either be kept in the particular mouth, chewed slowly, or clove oil can be rubbed on the gums. This has been an age-old and simple home remedy for all kinds of dental issue, particularly bleeding gums.

Sage & Peppermint Oil

Brush your teeth using a few drops of both peppermint and sage oil added to your own toothpaste since these keep your mouth area refreshing and clean.

Calendula Leaf & Chamomile Tea

Tea ready from leaves of calendula plus chamomile can give relief from bleeding associated with gums.

Saline Rinse

You may gargle after brushing your teeth along with lukewarm water with a pinch associated with salt added to it. This is a great home remedy to treat bleeding gums.


Gently massaging the gums together with your fingers after brushing your teeth leads to good blood circulation. This strengthens the particular gums and prevents them through bleeding.

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Avoid Fatty Foods

Fatty, hot and spicy, and heavy diets contain meals that get deposited in tooth cavities and provides food sources with regard to unhealthy microbes. This subsequently results in bleeding gums or even gingivitis. If you suffer from bleeding gums, you need to avoid fatty foods as much as possible.

Note: Brushing and flossing should be done to avoid plaque deposition. Furthermore, regular check-ups and plaque removal should be done each 6 months by the dentist. Maintaining delete word conditions in your mouth will not only slow up the bleeding of your gums, but it will even prevent dental problems like periodontitis and gingivitis. It must be considered that braces should not be tight and really should fit correctly because that stress can also lead to bleeding

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