Can You Treat Heavily Stained Teeth,

Can you treat seriously stained teeth,

Our tooth start off nice and white but as time passes, they become stained and discoloured. They can take on a yellow or even brown tinge which can cause a lot of embarrassment.

What causes staining, Smoking, alcohol such as red wine, tea, espresso, Coca Cola and spicy meals are all contributors. Teeth can become discoloured as we get older and we may find that will only a professional clean will do. This clean takes the form of a ‘scale and polish’ and is still one of the best ways of eliminating stubborn stains, tartar and back plate.

There are three levels of discoloration:

Surface level: these are a mild form of staining and can be taken out by brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.
Deep embedded: these are brought on by smoking, red wine, coffee etc and therefore are a deeper form of staining. They cannot be removed by a toothbrush plus require a professional clean or tooth whitening.
Inherited: these types of stains are often genetic. There are some people who normally have darker coloured teeth compared to others. These can only be taken out by professional teeth whitening.

The scale and polish can help just like a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can remove these unsightly stains as well as ‘bleaching’ your teeth white.

There are two types of teeth brightening:

– ‘In-house’ (in the particular surgery) teeth whitening
– The tooth whitening kit

‘In-house’ brightening means that the treatment is carried out at the dentist’s surgery. This involves the particular dentist using a peroxide based whiten which will whiten your teeth. If you happen to be worried about burns or damage to your own gums from the bleach then be assured that your safety is of prime significance.

A home tooth whitening kit includes a series of trays which fit over each tooth. These trays contain a whitening solution (peroxide based) which will lighten each tooth. These are combined with a visit for your dentist for a final deep whitening treatment.

Another option for stained tooth is dental veneers. These laminated covers are made from porcelain, ceramic or an amalgamated material and can be cemented towards the front of your teeth to improve the look of them.

To learn more visit our tooth whitening section.

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