Dental Bridge Complications

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A dental care bridge provides many benefits. These porcelain teeth may allow you to eat even more foods and improve the look of the smile. Dental bridge complications are usually possible — the implant could cause sensitivity, decay or pain. Damage may also occur to teeth supporting the particular bridge. Talk to your dentist to find out whether a dental bridge is acceptable for you.

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A common complication associated with a dental connection is tooth sensitivity. Many individuals experience mild tooth sensitivity in order to extreme heat, cold or contact following a dental bridge procedure. The dull ache in the gums generally accompanies the sensitivity. This pain usually subsides in a few weeks.

Decay and Infection
Decay is a typical long-term complication associated with a dental connection. Decay can occur when food and some other particles get stuck in between teeth as a result of natural wear and tear or a badly fitted bridge. Approximately 10 in order to 15 years after receiving the particular bridge, the cement that keeps the teeth together usually cracks, enabling food particles to accumulate in the little holes, causing decay. In inclusion, decay can lead to infection when bacterias from trapped food particles your bloodstream and spread to various body parts.

Some people may encounter mild to moderate pain right after receiving a dental bridge. It will be normal to have minor pain, swelling and/or bruising around the gums following the procedure. The discomfort usually decreases after a few days. Severe pain that will persists for a week or more might signal an infection or an ill-fitting bridge.

People who have the dental bridge may experience damaged teeth. Stress can weaken, split or cause pulp death within the teeth that support the dental care bridge. During the bridge implantation, the natural supporting teeth are usually ground down so the bridge could be attached. The pressure from this milling can cause weak or fragile tooth to crack. Low-quality dental links can also cause the surrounding teeth in order to or fracture while chewing.

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