Dental Tourism In Costa Rica

The steady and significant within dental care costs seen over the past couple of years in the United States, together with elements such as limited dental insurance coverage, insufficient dental insurance or interest in dental processes that are considered cosmetic and therefore not often covered by insurance, are some of the explanations why each year more and more Americans are choosing going abroad for dental care.

Long termed as a top eco-tourism destination because of its spectacular beaches, lush mountains, dense rainforests, magnificent volcanoes and rich animals, Costa Rica has also become among the premier medical travel destinations on the planet. According to the Costa Rican Tourism Board, about 14% of all guests travel to the country to receive medical care, specifically dental work and plastic surgery.

Price considerations are a major factor at the rear of this growing trend of oral tourism to Costa Rica, with all the cost of procedures such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and main canals being significantly lower than within the United States. Even when tourists combine their treatment with entertainment and take advantage of their stay to relish some regular tourist activities, generally the price for the whole dental tourism bundle, including airfare, will still be lower than those of the procedure alone back home.

But whilst affordability is certainly a key aspect, why is Costa Rica stand out among additional countries is the availability of first-class services and highly-qualified dentists, many of who have received training abroad in best schools in the United States plus South America and are versed within the latest techniques and materials, sticking with the highest quality standards and using state-of-the-art products.

Costa Rica’s proximity to the ALL OF US, favorable exchange rate, the friendliness of its people and tropical environment are a few of the advantages this Central American paradise presents to the visitors. Add to these the availability associated with highly trained and qualified dentists, topnoth facilities outfitted with cutting-edge products, and one of the most stable and powerful democracies in Latin America; and it is easy to see why having dental operate Costa Rica is a smart, safe plus convenient alternative for the medical tourist.

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