Find Out How Long Teeth Whitening Oxford Treatments Last For

A frequent question people that are considering teeth whitening oxford ask themselves is how long will the effects last. This article will answer this question for you.

If you have stained teeth it will mean that over a period between 12 months to several years the speed at which the pores of the enamel re-stains has slowed down which leads to your teeth staining.

The teeth whitening Oxford treatment you have will affect how long the whitening of your teeth lasts. There are now teeth whitening maintenance products available, these allow you to top up your teeth once every couple of weeks, by topping up every couple of weeks it means there isn’t time for your teeth to stain which keeps your teeth white!

If you have a mouth tray made by your Oxford Dentist you can add bleach to it and wear the tray at night every 6-8 weeks, the bleach will remove any residual staining. If you perform this every 6-8 weeks it will keep your teeth white at all time.

Another way to maintain teeth is to have laser teeth whitening treatment at your Oxford dentistry once every 12 – 24 months. It will mean your teeth will always be white as the effects last longer than at home treatments.

At home teeth whitening kits are relatively easy to maintain white teeth; they are also relatively cheap and provide instant results. One form of at home treatment that is becoming very popular is whitening strips, using one of these once every few weeks will definitely maintain white teeth. If you ask your Oxford dentist about which home kits they would recommend you can be assured you will use a good one as they can vary in quality.

A factor that will also affect how long your teeth whitening Oxford treatment lasts is how porous your teeth last. People that have the type of teeth that absorb easily will have to regularly maintain their teeth; if they do not their teeth will slip back to their original colour. There are cosmetic dentistry oxford treatments that can provide a more permanent solution so ask your Oxford Dentist for advice.

Teeth whitening is like most things in lifethere is not one quick fix! It’s not hard to maintain teeth though; putting in a mouth tray once every 6 weeks is not hard work.

At home dental kits should not have any impact on the health of your gums; however it is always worth consulting with your Oxford dentist to find out how often you should whiten your teeth.

To conclude then there is no official time that teeth whitening lasts, the type of treatment you have will affect the length of time, the regularity you whiten your teeth will affect the time and how porous your teeth are will affect how long the whitening lasts.

For more info on Teeth Whitening Oxford treatments see our Oxford Dentist for a consultation. We offer a varied range of Cosmetic Dentistry Oxford treatments to suit your every need.

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