I Reversed My Gum Disease In 32 Months Cleaning Once Daily Without Flossing

I happen to be reading your blog with wonder.
I didn’t know it was feasible to reverse gum disease (let alone bone regrowth)!!!
Yes, I have also gum disease and in few days I need to do deep cleaning in the dentist
(holes of 4 until 6).
This is very frustrating for me personally, because I always floss plus brush my teeth twice per day.
Every evening spending time (10 -20 min) to flush and clean.
At the moment I don’t have any confidence to see the dentist for cleansing, because it won’t solve the problem.
Also I realised that flossing plus brushing teeth is not good enough.
So the water floss could be a game player and will definitely get one!!
You nighttime fast is also something I will begin doing, because it sounds very reasonable and
even efficient. I will certainly eat my last meal in between 6-7 and then flush brush the teeth.
The rest of the evening will certainly just drink water.

I furthermore discovered about using salt (sea salt) as mouth wash as well as brush your teeth.
Do you might have some experience treatment with this, Brushing with salt seems to be working great, but I have also read it can bad for the teeth itself.
Seems that will ancient Chinese were using ocean salt to brush their tooth and never had problems.

Anyway, exactly what I also wanted to know will be:
is it better to go to the dentist is to do deep cleaning or
should I first try your method and a month or two go to the dental professional.
Does you gums first have to be cleaned at the dentist before starting your own regime,
Or if your regime functions, the gums will heal by themselves,

One more thing:
I end up having my gums all my life, yet never had problems with my tooth.
Did had one hole inside my teeth couple of years ago, but I suspect it was the mouthwash (it was very strong).
In few days I will be 41 and the teeth are in great shape, other than my gums.
I am delighted I have such a healthy tooth, but if my gums disease is not really solved, I will lose the teeth in any case, wouldn’t that be ironic to get excellent teeth and still lose all of them because of the gum disease.

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