Some Different Options For Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants to have a lovely smile. In recent years teeth whitening has become popular because it is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to improve one’s appearance. Things like smoking and drinking coffee can stain your teeth and cosmetic teeth whitening works very effectively to eliminate those stains. Other things that make a difference the color of someone’s teeth are age, genetics, and the prescription drug tetracycline. Cosmetic teeth whitening can also have very good results in those cases as well. This article will talk about laser teeth whitening, how it operates, and some at home options that can save some money.

When you visit your dentist for cosmetic teeth whitening your teeth will be treated with a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide. These chemicals become a bleaching agent to remove stains. Your teeth will then be treated with a blue light which really is a proven way to accelerate the whitening process of the hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide mixture. Patients will most likely see dramatic results with just one single visit to the dentist but in some cases may have to come back for multiple treatments. The results can be very good and very fast but can also be very costly. When you visit your dentist for cosmetic teeth whitening the bill can be several hundred to some thousand dollars.

There are a large amount of at home teeth whitening treatments on the market. There are toothpastes with baking soda, teeth whitening strips that you wear on your teeth, and teeth whitening kits that involve putting a solution in a tray that fits over your teeth and wearing the tray for a period. All of these options can certainly show an improvement in the coloration of one’s teeth. Many of the in the home kits use a solution that’s nearly the same as what a dentist would use but without the benefit of the blue light that accelerates the whitening process. The at home kits may take just a little longer but they cost just a tiny fraction of what a visit to the dentist would cost. So, when you have the money and want the fastest results a trip to the dentist would be perfect for you. If you have any issues about wherever and how to use Prevent, you may make contact with us at the web site. But if you want to pay a tiny fraction of what it would cost to go to the dentist and see results in sometimes just a matter of days but not often more than a couple of weeks there are many at home treatments that are very effective.

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