Teeth Whitening And Home Remedy Methods

BacterialandViralDiseases - MononucleosisTeeth whitening at home is possible while avoiding costly office trips and over the counter products promising quick whiteness all at a high price. When considering teeth whitening in your own home it’s important to think about the results you are looking for and exactly how sensitive your teeth are. The 2 most popular forms of teeth whitening in your own home are made with all-natural products that may be found around your home, making the price extremely low and the time frame all of your own. These two methods include an acid based method plus an abrasive based method.

The acid based method can only be taken once a week and should not be left within the teeth for more than five minutes since excessive acid exposure can breakdown the essential and irreplaceable enamel that will covers and protects your teeth. The abrasive based method can be used everyday for a variety of benefits including the teeth whitening.

The abrasive based technique includes the use of three everyday home ingredients: coarse salt, baking soft drinks and hydrogen peroxide. These are usually mixed together to form a thick insert that is then used to brush teeth well. The abrasive agents (salt and baking soda) scrub the top of teeth removing stains, while the peroxide penetrates the surface of the teeth to allow much deeper whitening. The compound is also perfect for breath freshening, germ killing plus keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Another great way teeth whitening at home technique is to use a ripe strawberry mashed along with baking soda to create a thick insert. Apply this paste to your the teeth and massage in with a soft bristle toothbrush. Leave the compound on the teeth for five minutes. After the particular five minutes have passed, use your daily toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the particular paste thoroughly. Use floss to eliminate strawberry seeds, if necessary. This technique is great for whitening teeth, but really should not be used more than once a week to avoid harming your tooth enamel.

Regardless from the method you use for teeth brightening at home, these are both great, affordable ways to whiten teeth in the comfort and ease of your own home that can save you money and time. If you want a more powerful method which will quickly brighten your smile, you may think about buying a whitening kit that is designed to be taken at home. These kits will work faster and give you a brighter smile.

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