Using Reiki For Relaxing Dentistry

The reason that many people are scared to see a dentist probably arises from the particular vision they have of dentistry because it was practiced a century ago, whenever equipment was basic and anesthetic was scarce. Lets face this, dentistry hurt! Today, everything regarding dentistry has changed for the better. But the best improvement is our utilization of Reiki to relax patients who are apprehensive in the dental chair! Reiki is really a technique for stress reduction and rest that lets you tap into an unlimited flow of life force energy. Since olden days, the knowledge that an unseen energy, linked directly to the quality of health, flows via all living things has been part of the knowledge of many cultures. The existence of the energy has now been verified simply by scientific experiments. As a Reiki Master, I use Reiki as an organic way to relax my patients plus calm their feelings of panic. Patients tell me that Reiki provides them a sense of peace and wellbeing that makes their dental visit an easier experience than they ever anticipated. Some say they actually feel far better after the dental treatment than they do before they came in! Once, We treated an eleven-year-old girl who was simply in a car accident and was seriously traumatized. She had gone through a lots of painful medical treatments and among some other injuries, she had a broken entrance tooth and needed a basic canal but I could not perform anything as she was completely overcome by fear. After carrying out a Reiki treatment and relaxing the lady, I was able to finish the root channel in one session! The calming a result of Reiki allowed her to receive the therapy she needed. With another individual, I happened to be thinking of laughter whilst I was doing Reiki on her. The patient, who had been nervous about getting dental work done, said, “Its weird. Ive been in a bad feeling all day and now I feel like dance. ” I do Reiki for some of some other practitioners in my building who perform extractions or surgeries. Sometimes their particular patients come to me before their particular appointment just to get relaxed. In common, Reiki not only gets them with the appointment, it also promotes healing. Because the stress of surgery or a good extraction is detrimental to recovery, your body does not have sufficient energy remaining to heal itself. Reiki is important! Now all of my staff plus associates have studied Reiki plus my hygienist has become a Reiki Master herself! I urge anyone who is usually afraid of the dentist to contact me—youll see, Im not terrifying at all! Pirjo Friedman D. M. S., practices at her medical center at 94 Cumberland Street within the Yorkville area of Toronto. See for more information. About The Author
Dr. Pirjo Friedman, D. D. H., was born in Finland and now methods in the Yorkville area of Toronto, Canada. She is a believer in organic therapies and the most modern dental techniques—used in her practice every day. She believes a patient should be able to relax throughout dental work. She is a previous President of the North Toronto Dental Society and President of the Women Entrepreneurs of (*********************************************************

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